Food Sovereignty

Seeds of Community

Seeds of community is an initiative supported by the Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security. Through this project Cooper Institute supports the development of knowledge and skills related to community seed sovereignty. One aspect of this work is to support the creation of a decentralized network of seed libraries across PEI. On a seasonal basis, workshops and seed shares are held at Public Libraries in Charlottetown, Breadalbane, and Summerside. For new about upcoming events, please visit the Seeds of Community Facebook page.

PEI Seed Alliance

Organized in 2015 through the generous assistance of the Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security, and the support of Cooper Institute, the Alliance offered their first cooperatively produced collection of seeds for the 2016 growing season. Their goal is to continue to expand their collection by trialing open-pollinated, open-source vegetable varieties, as well as pollinator flower varieties to continue to build a living collection of Island adapted seed.

The Alliance hopes to grow their organization by tapping into the PEI community to collect other open pollinated varieties of seeds that have been grown and saved by other Island gardeners and farmers, as well as supporting new seed growers in their efforts to select, save and clean their own seed.

Visit the Alliance website to find out more.