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Cooper Institute is an education and community development centre in the province of Prince Edward Island, Canada. The main program areas of our organization are livable income for all, food sovereignty, democracy, diversity and inclusion, protection of land and water, and improving lives of migrant workers in the province. Within these programs, we conduct research and popular education projects on provincial, national, and international level.

Learn more about what we do from our latest Activities Report.

Impacts of COVID-19 on Migrant Workers in Prince Edward Island

Safe at Work, Unsafe at Home: COVID-19 and Temporary Foreign Workers in Prince Edward Island is the first report in a series of research projects by the Migrant Workers in the Canadian Maritimes partnership.

Download the report here: Safe at Work, Unsafe at Home: COVID-19 and Temporary Foreign Workers in Prince Edward Island


Guides for Migrant Workers - Living and Working in PEI

Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP)

Guide for Migrant Workers: Living and Working in Prince Edward Island

Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program (SAWP)

Guide for Seasonal Agricultural Workers: Living and Working in Prince Edward Island
Guide for Migrant Workers Guide for Seasonal Agricultural Workers
Guía para Trabajadores Migrantes Guía para Trabajadores Agrícolas Estacionales

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Reverend Vincent Murnaghan Memorial Scholarship

News and Events

Unfree Labour COVID-19 and Migrant Workers in the Seafood Industry in New Brunswick
Mar 01 2023
New research reveals precarious occupational and living conditions for seafood processing migrant workers in New Brunswick.
The Year That WasCooper Institute 2022 Activities Report Published
Feb 09 2023
The annual activities report typically provides a glimpse into Cooper Institute's programs, including migrant justice, basic income and lands protection.
New Report on International Students and Affordable Housing in PEINew report highlights challenges for students
Jan 27 2023
Kelly Rivera, Masters of Arts student with the Institute of Island Studies, publishes report based on interviews with international students in 2022.
Update on Temporary Foreign Worker Protection ActStanding Committee Makes Strong Recommendations
Nov 17 2021
A report of the Standing Committee on Education and Economic Development, outlining some positive amendments to the draft Act has been accepted by the PEI Legislature.
A Good War: Mobilizing Canada for the Climate EmergencyA virtual event with Seth Klein
Sep 07 2021
Hosted by the Bookmark and Council of Canadians PEI - with Julie Pellissier-Lush, Seth Klein, Todd MacLean, Stephanie Arnold, Sweta Daboo and Colin Jeffrey.
Foundation Supports Cooper InstituteProgram will empower and increase visibility of migrant workers in PEI
Jul 19 2021
Cooper Institute is among the recipients of the Campbell Webster Foundation's annual grants for poverty relief and sustainable development projects.