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Migrant Workers

Cooper Institute is an education and community development centre in the province of Prince Edward Island, Canada. The main program areas of our organization are livable income for all, food sovereignty, democracy, diversity and inclusion, protection of land and water, and improving lives of migrant workers in the province. Within these programs, we conduct research and popular education projects on provincial, national, and international level.

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Social Justice Symposium 2018

We are pleased to present the report of our fourth annual Social Justice Symposium, held in March 2018, in honour of Andrew Macdonald. This year's topic was the PEI Lands Protection Act; the Spirit and the Letter.

2018 Social Justice Symposium Report

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News and Events

Planning to Keep PovertyOpinion Piece by Marie Burge
Dec 05 2018
While some of the actions in PEI's recently released Poverty Reduction Plan will benefit some on the short term, it might easily be seen as a plan to keep poverty as an inevitable part of the structure of Prince Edward Island.
Irene Burge, Outstanding Volunteer!Irene Burge honoured at Voluntary Resource Council annual celebration
Nov 26 2018
One of the founding members of Cooper Institute, Irene Burge was recognized for her long history of volunteerism, as a community organizer, home economist, editor extraordinaire, and lover and sharer of music.
New! Migrant Worker Guides Guides for Migrant Workers Now Available in Spanish and Mandarin
Nov 17 2018
Cooper Institute, with the support of LUSH Charity Pot and the Law Foundation of Prince Edward Island, has updated its information guides for migrant workers, which are now available in three languages.
Children's Health: What does it have to do with Income?Event scheduled for November 20 has been postponed - will provide update soon!
Nov 15 2018
Could Basic Income Guarantee improve children's health? Join Chief Public Health Officer Dr Heather Morrison as she presents her 2017 report on children's health, and members of the Working Group for a Livable Income to discuss the benefits of BIG.
Retirement Security for Workers in the Not-for-Profit SectorCooper Institute Supports New Initiative
Nov 09 2018
A new initiative aims to make it easier for people who work for charitable and non-profit organizations to contribute to a pension plan, and retire with a more livable income.
PEOPLE'S FORUM ON JUST TRADE & DEVELOPMENTSaturday, November 3rd, 1:30 to 4:30 pm at the PEI Farm Centre
Oct 25 2018
With Pam Palmater on the Impact of International Trade Agreements on Indigenous Peoples and Gavin Fridell on Free Trade and Beyond.