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Food Sovereignty
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Migrant Workers

Cooper Institute is an education and community development centre in the province of Prince Edward Island, Canada. The main program areas of our organization are livable income for all, food sovereignty, democracy, diversity and inclusion, protection of land and water, and improving lives of migrant workers in the province. Within these programs, we conduct research and popular education projects on provincial, national, and international level.

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Migrant Worker Guides

Guide for Migrant Workers

Guía del Trabajador Migrante

流动劳工指南    在爱德华王子岛生活与工作

Guide for Seasonal Agricultural Workers

Guía del Trabajador Agrícola Estacional​s

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News and Events

If We Don't Know, We Can LearnOpEd by Marie Burge
Mar 08 2019
Whether we say yes or no, let’s do it with the best knowledge we can acquire.
Land Grabbing in Prince Edward IslandWith Keynote Speaker Senator Diane Griffin
Feb 23 2019
Land Grabbing on PEI: How the Lands Protection Act is being violated and why Islanders should be concerned: Saturday, February 23 from 1:30 to 4:00 pm at the PEI Farm Centre. Hosted by the Coalitions for the Protection of PEI Land and Water.
International Development Week 2019February 4-9
Jan 18 2019
Events will offer opportunities for groups to network and discuss their work on international issues, to discuss PEI's climate change action plan, the impact of poverty on children's health and possible solutions, and much more.
Children's Health: What has income got to do with it?Tuesday, February 5th at Murphy's Community Centre
Jan 15 2019
Join us on February 5th to discuss the current health and well-being of children on PEI, its relationship with income, and to explore potential options about where we should go from here to improve their quality of life.
Electoral Referendum Choices: What Do Seniors Want to Know?Saturday, January 26, 8:30 am to 12:30 pm at Murphy's Community Centre, Charlottetown
Jan 15 2019
This event is a chance to discuss the two choices in the referendum which will take place at the time of the provincial election. The choices are: change to a new system, Mixed Member Proportional Representation; or stay with the current system.
Planning to Keep PovertyOpinion Piece by Marie Burge
Dec 05 2018
While some of the actions in PEI's recently released Poverty Reduction Plan will benefit some on the short term, it might easily be seen as a plan to keep poverty as an inevitable part of the structure of Prince Edward Island.