Migrant Workers

In 2012 Cooper Institute released a report of our extensive research on the subject. Changing Hands remains the only comprehensive research to take place into the Temporary Foreign Worker Program in PEI.

Cooper Institute continues to engage in the work of research, national networking, and community engagement and education related to the impacts of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program and the barriers to human rights faced by the migrant workers themselves. We have organized several workshops and forums (find reports here), and also facilitated the formation of the PEI Action Team on Migrant Workers' Rights in 2016.

Keep up to date by visiting the Facebook page for the PEI Action Team for Migrant Workers' Rights.


Information about Covid-19 for Temporary Foreign Workers


Información COVID-19 para trabajadores migrantes

Este documento, desarrollado por las autoridades de Salud Pública, es una compilación de recursos e información para los trabajadores migrantes temporales, TFW por sus siglas en inglés. Los recursos incluyen: información de la enfermedad COVID-19, aislamiento, individuos de alto riesgo y poblaciónes vulnerables, síntomas, como lavarse las manos, prevención, distanciamiento social, salud mental y como redudicr el contagio. Información adicional y contactos locales para trabajadores migrantes temporales en la Isla del Príncipe Eduardo también están incluidos.



COVID-19 Chinese



General Guides for Temporary Foreign Workers - English, Spanish, Chinese

Since the fall of 2010 Cooper Institute has been working to build knowledge about the issues surrounding the Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) Program in PEI. As this is a federal program without provincial administration, little was known about the location, demographics, employers, and wellbeing of migrant workers in PEI.

In 2018 we updated and translated Guides for 2 groups of workers:

  • workers in the low skilled streams of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program in PEI;
  • and for workers in the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP)

These guides cover some of the key issues that affect migrant workers. They explain the laws, but they are not legal advice. We recommend that you get more information and help for your own situation. You can do this by contacting the organizations listed in the resource section of the documents.

Our Supporters

Our migrant worker projects would not be possible without the significant support of:

  • Campbell Webster Foundation
  • Canadian Union of Public Employees (PEI)
  • City of Charlottetown
  • Cooper Foundation
  • Latin American Mission Fund (LAMP)
  • Law Foundation of PEI
  • LUSH
  • PEI Interministerial Women's Secretariat
  • PEI Women for Environmental Sustainability
  • United Food and Commercial Workers
  • United Way of Prince Edward Island
  • Community Foundation of Prince Edward Island