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Covid-19 Information for Temporary Foreign Workers Now Available

Guides are available in English, Spanish and Chinese

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Information about Covid-19, and links to helpful resources for temporary foreign workers are now available on the Government of Prince Edward Island website, in 3 languages.

The provincial government has published information about Covid-19 for temporary foreign workers, and has had it translated into several different languages. See the links below.

Information about Covid-19 for Temporary Foreign Workers

Información COVID-19 para trabajadores migrantes

 冠狀病毒病 COVID-19 防疫資料彙編 ---- 短期海外務工人員讀本 本文檔是愛德華王子島省公共衛生部為短期外來務工人 員(

冠状病毒病 COVID-19 防疫资料汇编 ----短期海外务工人员读本 

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