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2014 Temporary Foreign Worker Information Now Available!

Access to Information Request has arrived

Posted: Friday 19th June 2015 11:05

Each year, Cooper Institute submits an Access to Information Request to Service Canada to secure information for the previous year.

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The Next Premier of Prince Edward Island WILL Promote Basic Income Guarantee

Working Group for a Livable Income members react positively to statements by all four party leaders

Posted: Friday 24th April 2015 14:58

During the Leaders’ Forum on Women’s Issues held April 14, 2015, at Holland College, each one of the party leaders endorsed a Basic Income Guarantee program as a poverty reduction strategy.

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Canada's Two-Tier Remittance Economy

Josie Baker and Katie Mazer write about the issues facing temporary foreign workers in rural PEI and workers leaving PEI for jobs in western Canada

Posted: Tuesday 7th April 2015 13:10   (Updated: Tuesday 7th April 2015 19:59)

"For starters, both groups are staring down staggering wage gaps that have been produced by retrograde economic policy, unfettered resource extraction, the undermining of food-based natural resource industries, and more. Both groups of migrants lack dignified employment options at home and are increasingly encouraged to train for long-distance labour markets. Ultimately, these workers are seeking basic economic security and opportunities for their kids . . . "

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Cooper Institute is an education and community development centre in the province of Prince Edward Island, Canada. The main program areas of our organization are livable income for all, food sovereignty and cultural diversity and inclusion. Within these programs, we conduct research and popular education projects on provincial, national, and international level.

The REPORT of Cooper Institute's first annual Social Justice Symposium is now available! You can also watch a video of Chandra Pasma's presentation: Powerless Workes and Apathetic Citizens: Is Basic Income The Cure?


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